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Dehydration to store food!

Drying or dehydration are terms that will soon be part of your culinary vocabulary. But what is it exactly? To preserve food longer without altering their nutritional properties, dried. Deprived of water vital to their development, germs and bacteria can not be deployed, and thus the degradation of the food is slowed. Dehydration is a demanding method. The goal is not to cook the food but to remove excess water and this requires real precision temperature (30 to 60C °) and time (10 to 12 minutes)

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How can we identify the best car repair workshop

When you stop to repair the car in the workshop they are obliged to give a deposit slip. In this shelter, in addition to the data identifying workshop, vehicle and customer, you must contain the following information:

  • The concise description of repair and / or services to be provided, with the sums, if already known, if it is delivered for repair.
  • Expected date of delivery of the requested budget or vehicle repaired, as appropriate.
  • Date and signature of the service provider.

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What is vacuuming?

The operation of vacuuming is relatively straightforward. About a high pump the air is sucked out of the package, then it will remain hermetically sealed. The consequence is that the decomposition process by micro-organisms and enzymes is slowed down. Especially the conservation of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the foreground. Foods that have been vacuum packed change neither optical nor lose flavor. This is a significant advantage over the canning, drying or freezing. Rather, evenripen meat in vacuum correctly.

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Slicer – One of Popular Kitchen Appliances Must Be Owned By Everyone

This post will introduce to you about slicers, a machine model to cut or slice, manually or using engine, many kinds of food, for example: from frozen meat like pork, beef, goat without bones or cartilages, sausage, fish, cheese to fresh herbs, vegetables like carrot, beet, pumpkin and other raw material… Today it appears everywhere from restaurants, hot pot stores to household,… with many prestigious brands like Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer. Slicers are very quickly and perfect, suitable for most of the meals when you need to slice the meats thinly and evenly as you preferred. In addition, slicers can cut vegetables out to the circle pieces according to the shape of them very aesthetic.

For the manual slicers, you can place them at anywhere in your house because they are designed very neatly. The body of a slicer is made of plastic and high-quality stainless steel. Its blade is made of hardened steel anti-rust which is a high-quality material, sharp, very hard, durable and safe for your health. With a blade has a diameter of 20 centimeters, you can cut the meat piece from 1, 5 kilograms of 2 kilograms. You can also adjust the thickness of the cut through 2 screws on 2 sides of the blade, ranging from 0, 2 millimeters to 16 millimeters. After cutting, the frozen meat will be very beautifully and evenly. Because of the very sharp blade, the food will be cut and fall out directly, and the cutting slices are very sweet with the highly aesthetic. The weight of this slicer is about 3 kilograms, suitable for every place in your kitchen. Its base is also mounted with rubber to help it to always hang firmly on all surfaces and your cutting or slicing tasks will be always steadily. How about the handle? Its design is very convenient, make you feel very light when slicing the meat. It also creates a perfect shape for a multi-function kitchen machine. The food hoses are rather wide, so you can use this machine very easily and comfortably. Especially, their capacity is designed to be suitable for cutting and mincing the food.

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The nursery decorating!

You’re pregnant, and finally, it is there, and you can start decorating the baby’s room. At the nursery, you usually start in a space that previously had a different function. You can start from nothing and therefore often look all together. But that’s not always easy, how to go about it? Take the time to find out what mood suits you. Want to keep it neutral or do you already a real boys ‘or girls’ room? When you are in making the nursery already takes into account that you have after

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