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How to preserve opened wine bottle?

It is great to boost your appetite by a little glass of wine before or during meal! However, the question is how you can consume the whole bottle in the absence of companions. Don’t worry! There are several ways to save your opened wine fresh for the next day.

  1. Re-corking

Do not forget to re-cork the wine right after every glass pour. If you want to keep your leftover wine safe to be finished for another day, you should bear in mind to replace the cork correctly.  It is recommended to use a funnel transferring the remains into a smaller bottle to minimize oxygen exposure before re-corking. Next, put the bottle in the fridge. The wine should last at least 2 more days in the new container.

Tip for easier re-corking: What you need is a piece of wax paper to wrap the cork and insert the wrapped end of the cork back into the bottle. This makes it easier to slide the cork.

  1. Refrigerating

Like food and other drinks, leftover wine can be well preserved in the fridge for certain time due to the fact that low temperature slows chemical reactions significantly. Keeping wine cool is a great way to slow down the speed at which acetic bacteria ruin it as well. As a result, storing it in the fridge is a one of the most crucial steps to maintain its quality for sipping the next dinner.

  1. Vacuuming

Vacuuming with the use of a vacuum gadget is another popular method to prevent it from contacting with oxygen. A specially designed rubber bung is placed into the neck of the wine bottle, and a pump is employed to take the air out of the bottle, leaving a vacuum in it. Besides, you can use your best vacuum sealer to reseal the remaining wine if luckily one is available in your kitchen. Do not forget to check the wine daily to ensure the seal is still tight if you are going to store your wine for more than 2 days.

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Should we visit Hue City or Hoi An Ancient Town?

Vietnam is such a great place to visit, but because of the amazing tourist attractions all over Vietnam, it is not that easy to choose. Sometimes, you will just depend on what other people will suggest you to visit. It is also because of the promotional offers that is why you choose to visit a particular spot. Why don’t you just follow your will? Go to a place where you know that you will enjoy. Let’s take a look at Hue City and Hoi An. Which among the two spots will you choose? The decision is yours.

Hue City

Hue tours

You can find Hue City in the central part of Vietnam and it is about 1100km north of the Ho Chi Minh City. This place is famous because of the landmark, called, the Perfume River or the Huong Giang. If you are arriving Vietnam, it will be best to land on the Phu Bai International Airport and from there you need get a taxi to your hotel. You must know what to see in the Hue City. You will find here the Imperial Citadel or Dai Noi and the Tombs of the Emperors. The other sites that you may see are the I Love You Sign icon along the banks of the Perfume River, the Thien Mu Pagoda and the Thanh Toan Bridge.

At the Imperial Citadel, you will find various temples, museums, galleries, pavilions, walls, moats and gates. The first thing that you will find is called, the Ngo Mon, which is the main entrance in the southern part going to the city. You will also find the Thai Hoa Palace, which is the coronation hall of the emperor. Another is the Truong Sanh Residence or the Palace of Longevity, which is the home Empress Tu Du, the mother of King Tu Duc. Next, you will reach the Forbidden Purple City just behind the Thai Hoa Palace. Lastly, you will find the Hue Jungle Crevice, a cliff where prisoners from the past were tied and pushed.

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