It can say that the baby bottles bring a lot of convenient for parents when father, mother, or any relatives can feed the baby with the formula or stored breast milk. Nonetheless, it is important that you must clean the baby bottles in order to eliminate the bacteria or germs can damage to the health of the baby. Aside from sterilizing baby bottles, mothers should also know the way to remove all left milk odors inside the bottles. This one can make him/her nauseated when feeding. Right now, we shall learn how to clean… Go! Go! Go!

The Way to Clean the Baby Bottles Having a Milk Odor

Step #1 – It pours all leftover breast milk/ formula out of the baby bottle. Then, both the nipple and bottle need to be rinsed with the water.

Step #2 – For the time being, you use a bottle brush so as to scrape the milk intake stuck inside of the bottle. Similarly, the inside of the nipple and bottle must be scrubbed by the brush because a milk odor might be had, according to the recommendation of the California Pacific Medical Center.

Step #3 – By using the warm water and soap, it is to wash the baby bottle. Apart from, putting the bottle on the rack of your dishwasher is also considered as a good idea. Not only the milk odor is removed but also the bacteria inside the bottle is also prevented.

Step #4 – At that time, you begin deodorizing the baby bottles from the milk odors. What a simple it is! Only with a teaspoon of baking soda and a little warm water, it adds all into the bottle after shaking. This mixture will clean the internal things.

Step #5 – To eliminate the lingering milk odor out of the baby bottle, you ought to soak them overnight. It adds 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 1l of warm water into the large pan or bowl. The next, the parts of the baby bottles are also added to soak in this mixture. After soaking overnight, let’s wash all by the soapy warm water. Before utilizing them, it waits until they entirely dry.


If you want to prevent the bottles from the odors as well as the bacteria, you should discard the stored breast milk/ formula in the bottle after twenty-four hours and toss the remaining formula after forty-eight hours to be put in the fridge. In case the formula bottle is put at the room-temperature one, it ought to be thrown away after 1 hour. The breast milk in the fridge for 8 days or at the room temperature for 8 hours needs to be discarded. Let’s keep this in your mind!

Another one to minimize the odors is to purchase the nipple as long as it doesn’t have a strong scent. Based on what the California Pacific Medical Center said, the silicone kind of the nipple brings more controlling of the milk flow of the bottle, even, its scent is fewer than others, rubber, or latex, for example.

The essential things:

Basically, to deodorize the baby bottles, you need to have:
+ One large container – it may be glass, plastic, or metal.
+ Baking soda
+ The bottle brush
+ The dish-washing water and soap
If any parents meet the deodorizing issue, this article is to spend for them. Now, you knew the method. It just needs to follow as the guide. It makes sure that the baby bottles will be deodorized an efficient way. So good, right?